Saturday, April 24, 2010



Well you’ve got to expect something technical from an IITian
This one is for the mathematicians out there... actually for the wannabe, more likely for the wannabe but never can be mathematicians.

How often have you been stuck on a stupid maths problem requiring you to stupidly present stupid ways of proving stupid problems relating to some stupid stuff, and all you can do is sit, look around, scratch your head and wonder ‘Am I the only fool who can’t solve this stuff?’

For all you itchy brains out is the solution...and you know what? I think it’s going to be LEGEN.....wait for it......DARY

Yes ladies (I wish) & Gentlemen presenting to you the newest theorem which has stirred up a revolution in the world of mathematics
TOTO: the Theorem of Total Obviousness...

Proof: If something is obvious, it IS obvious.

TOTO has been successfully used to prove the PHP, and many other such mindboggling problems

Example Problem: If something...something...blah...blah...blah...Prove that x+y=z.
Solution: something...something...blah...blah...blah...
x+y=z; by TOTO (I mean why the hell would they ask if it was not true)

And you should get full marks this thing...tell me if you don’t...(well I don’t really care, so don’t )

I even have proof of TOTO’s credibility for all you non believers out there, although I won’t be writing it here.

PS: For all CS guys...TOTO works perfectly fine with subjects like Discrete Structures and FLAT and other similar stuff and I apologize for the delay, this stuff was supposed to be completed before the FLAT exam so you guys could use it...but all is not lost, we all would be getting F’s anyways so still a chance that this may come in handy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


BANG: Just checking how it feels to start with a bang…

Ok enough nonsense

Ahh…finally…my first blog. As expected from any Kgpian or any IITian in general I thought I would start with drivel from my lately unkempt or under kempt mind.

Since this is my first, you should not expect a good or worthwhile or even just a read whatsoever.

In today’s world where everyone does one thing best…bakar as we call it, modern technology: internet connections, keyboards and text editors allow us to bakar more easily, comfortably and shamelessly.

I guess bakaring has now reached the pinnacle of its avocational status and has become more of an art form. So, I guess it’s high time for me to join this bakar race. Staying true to this thought, here goes…

Pichle 7*2.57142 mahino mein maine kya kya khoya

What have I lost in the past 18 months?

I guess anybody would recognize this line from the song from the movie rock on

Laundry bill…well I don’t have any bills for my ‘laundry’ we don’t have that kind of luxuries here at Kgp

A girl’s phone number…no… if you know me you know there is no chance of this happening

A single sheet of paper…no this stuff is counted in kilos not sheets

No luck with the song I guess ill stray off a bit…

Peace of mind (Obviously)

A Piece of mind (feels like it)

A Piece of me (toenail: BAD memories)

Around 22% of what used to be me (it was a really O to I transformation :) )

A lot of money (mostly on food)

Time (a lot… I don’t want to lose more counting how much I’ve lost)

The colour of my clothes (Yo chandan)

My position near the top of the marks chain

A few competitions

A HUGE part of my memory (I don’t remember how much exactly)

My ‘I shall pay attention in class’ attitude

My ‘I shall go to class on time’ attitude

My ‘I shall go to class’ attitude

My ‘I shall study at least a day before the exam’ attitude

My ‘I shall worry about exams ‘attitude

My I shall attitude

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I’m sure no one not even me has the time to read something as long as this list could be… so I guess I should just stop here

Since I am an optimist* I am obligated to state the following:

Even though I’ve lost so much…there’s a lot I have gained after coming here…like…um…err…

Ok we’ll come to that part later. For now I bid adieu

*I like to call myself an optimist even if I’m not...because if I call myself a pessimist, that would be a pessimistic thought and make me a pessimist

Please post your comments and suggestions